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Welcome to this self-study course on Introductory Chemistry.

The course is aimed at school/college technicians who, while possibly being experienced elsewhere, have little to no experience of chemistry.

The course will take you through some of the most common tasks you will be asked to carry out via a series of presentations. There is also a set of experiments for you to carry out as well. Each topic area has a short quiz after it and there is a final quiz/exam at the end. Passing that will generate a certificate of attendance that you can download (and print out if you wish.

At present the course is still in the testing stage and so there is no charge.

As originally devised (in a face to face format), this course is SQA accredited. We cannot offer this via the online version but if, once you have completed it, you want your SCQF points, you can contact us and arrange for an assessment.

Good luck!


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