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The aims of this self-study course are to:

  • Explore activities that support early/first level numeracy and mathematics through STEM.
  • Provide practical STEM ideas​ that can be easily transferred to your setting.
  • Offer opportunities for sharing ideas with colleagues in your setting/ network.
  • Highlight the opportunities engaging with STEM Ambassadors in Scotland can bring to your setting.

Numeracy and Mathematical skills: 

Numeracy and mathematical skills should not be taught in isolation. These skills can be developed through careful planning of learning activities, thoughtful questioning and a range of assessments.

These activities should encourage learners to think about a range of concepts, going beyond the recall of knowledge and encouraging them to explain their thinking. 

Maths and numeracy skills are used every day; early years practitioners and first level teachers instinctively promote these skills.

Which of these activities have you done recently?​ Please add examples into the notes section at the bottom of this page.

  • Counting forwards and backwards​.
  • Completing simple sums/ calculations​.
  • Recognising numbers and denominations of coins​.
  • Engaging with songs, books and games with counting themes​.
  • Talking about the sequence of everyday events​.
  • Weighing out ingredients for cooking​.
  • Playing matching games e.g. dominos.
  • Cutting sandwiches, fruit etc. into equal pieces.

In this module we will offer some simple ideas to extend these skills, allowing learners to carry out investigations and reach their own conclusions.

How to complete this course

  • The course consists of 4 main sections.
  • Each main section has a selection of activities and videos for you to work through and complete.
  • Gather together the following Resources.
  • Click on the expand button (when included and visible) to access the section content.
  • Any video content must be watched in their entirety to allow progression to the next set of lessons.
  • Activities should be completed in order.
  • It is essential for you to take and save notes as you work your way through each section.
  • After completing each section you must click the orange ‘mark complete’ button.
  • Your progress will be automatically saved as you work through this self study course.
  • You should set aside around 5 hours to complete the course, including the gathering of resources and planning how to use these activities in your setting.
  • Once the course and associated evaluation form have been completed a digital certificate will be emailed out to you.
  • The course must be completed by the 30th June 2022.
  • If you have any questions or require any support during this course please contact

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Floating and Sinking
  • The Thirsty Crow
  • Are You Happy With Your Nappy?
  • Sequence and Order

The course also provides information about Maths Week Scotland, STEM Ambassadors and our partner organisations.