Introduction to Safety in Microbiology

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This course is a mandatory activity prior to undertaking the Safety in Microbiology Level 3 course. It will support your understanding of microbes, SSERC’s Safety in Microbiology Code of Practice, and the apparatus, materials and equipment used for microbiological work. 

Scotland is a world leader in microbiology research and in the biotechnology industry. In the 21st century, responsible citizens need to be able to evaluate scientific issues in the media, often related to micro-organisms, and to establish their own informed opinions on such matters – the global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted thisPractical work using micro-organisms creates opportunities to enrich the learning experiences of our students, bringing the curriculum to life. It supports the development of competent practical skills with a focus on hazard awareness and risk assessment. These practical learning experiences allow learners to explore the role played by micro-organisms in biotechnology, alternative energy sources, food production, hygiene, health and waste management.  

Course Contents Information

You will see from the Contents page (and image below) below that this course has 4 lessons: 

      • What are micro-organisms? – This lesson is followed by a Quick Quiz.
      • Microbial Groups – This lesson is followed by a Quick Quiz.
      • SSERC Safety in Microbiology: Code of Practice – This lesson involves 2 topics and is followed by a Quiz Quiz.
      • Equipment, Apparatus and Materials in Microbiological Practical Work – This lesson has 3 topics.
      • Final Quiz – 10 questions. You must achieve 70% to pass the course.

The Introduction to Safety in Microbiology online course is designed to support delegates prior to undertaking the Safety in Microbiology Level 3 course delivered at SSERC. Both courses follow the guidance published in SSERC Safety in Microbiology Code of Practice, found here.